Having partners you trust helps make it easier to plan meaningful funerals that fulfill the expectations of family and friends and honor your loved one. Iowa Funeral Planning has been providing personal service, experienced funeral planning, and compassionate care to the greater Des Moines area for decades and in this time has developed professional relationships with many businesses and organizations. We have provided information on our partners below to help you learn more about their exceptional services and products and the difference that comes with working with Iowa Funeral Planning.

We also offer a series of memorial options so you can create an individualized burial that reflects the memory and unique life of your loved one. These options include upright granite markers, cemetery benches, mausoleum entombments, and much more. And with a focus on durability and affordability, our memorials, which come in many different styles and types, are designed to stand the test of time. Information about these memorial options, and our trusted partners, is provided below.


Mausoleum Entombment

Iowa Funeral Planning provides you with above-ground burial options in the Des Moines area. The Chapel Hill Mausoleum provides a cost-effective final resting place for those individuals who prefer above-ground entombment. The benefits of a mausoleum are both personal and financial, and the ability to visit the final resting place of a loved one in a climate-controlled environment in a serene setting is comforting to many of our families. Financially, a mausoleum allows you to have a final resting place without the need for an outer burial container or vault or a bronze or granite memorial, two alternative memorial structure options, making a mausoleum option comparable in price to an in-ground burial.

We also have an outdoor, above-ground burial option that provides a place to come and visit your loved one. The Sunset Memorial Gardens Mausoleum also serves as a focal point that welcomes people to the beautiful gardens of the cemetery. In this wonderful environment, we have options for both companion and single entombment.

Contact us today and our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you might have and help you make an informed decision on your burial options.

Bronze Memorials

We are a proud supplier of Matthews Bronze Markers, which are placed in memorial park cemeteries on a granite base set flush with the ground. These bronze markers are as much personal and unique as they are memorable. Matthews is a leader in new technology that allows picture images to be embossed directly into the bronze memorial, creating a permanent collage of the life that was lived. The company also has a line of memorials that not only mark the grave, but also provide a secure receptacle for cremated remains. This option helps you save money by eliminating the expense of opening a grave. Our funeral professionals work with local cemeteries to ensure which types of monuments they allow prior to finalizing any sales.

We proudly offer bronze cemetery markers at our cemeteries in Des Moines; to get pricing options for all of our bronze memorials, please contact us and an Iowa Funeral Planning counselor will provide you with costs and options that fit your budget and wishes.”

Upright Granite Markers

When looking for granite markers in Des Moines, we can also assist you with the creation of an upright granite marker for a traditional cemetery memorial. There are many styles and granite types to select from to personalize the memorial within a variety of price ranges. We handle everything from the design of the marker to the placement in the cemetery. You can customize the marker as much as you want and we will assist you with the process.

If you have a particular idea in mind for the design of an upright granite marker for you or your loved one, please contact us today. Our staff can help you with ideas for the design as well as pricing for your unique upright marker. We encourage our families to look at other markers to see what features you like. Click here to view granite marker options from Iowa Memorial Granite Company, our trusted partner.

Mahogany upright companion granite monument.

Black upright companion monument, family name on back.

Cemetery Benches

Bench memorial markers for your loved one are a unique way to remember that person. Cemetery benches are becoming more popular, not only as an option for marking a grave, but also as a receptacle for cremated remains. Benches come in a variety of sizes and granite types and are engraved to create a completely customized memorial. We design customized cemetery benches and install them in the cemetery of your choice. With Iowa Funeral Planning, you don’t have to worry about the details: our staff is experienced and compassionate and can assist you with all the elements of the design and installation of your cemetery bench memorial.

If you have questions or a custom design in mind for a cemetery or memorial bench, please contact us today. Click here to see some existing benches from our partner, Iowa Memorial Granite Company, to determine which features you like most.

Memory bench.

Black granite bench.

Flower Programs

Memorial and funeral flowers for remembering special days. At Iowa Funeral Planning, we know the importance of honoring a life: that’s why we offer our flower programs at Chapel Hill Gardens and Sunset Memorial Gardens. Special days are important! Memorial Day, the date a person passed away, and his or her birthday are all special when remembering a loved one. At Chapel Hill and Sunset, two of our Des Moines cemeteries, we can assist you by placing new flowers in your vase at the graveside on the days you specify, ensuring that your loved one is always remembered even if you cannot be there. We also can provide a wreath for the grave to stay over the entire Christmas and holiday season.

Contact us today and we will provide you with the options available to you to ensure your loved one’s grave has flowers on those special days.

Our Trusted Partners

The Center for Loss and Dr. Alan Wolfelt are known internationally as respected sources for grief counseling and management. Their philosophy is to assist survivors of loved ones and grief counselors with understanding, compassion and hope. Learn more about them by clicking on their image.


Hy-Vee Floral is focused on providing beautiful memorial and funeral floral displays to customers. They provide online and call-in orders and 100% of your orders go to your flowers. Discover their service and selection by clicking on the image.


The Iowa Donor Network provides hope and help to those seeking organ transplants. As a proud partner of the network, we work with individuals and families who want to help this critically important mission. Use the image to find out more about the network or contact us.


For more than 120 years, Batesville caskets have stood apart in their industry for quality, craftmanship, and a dedication to helping families in need. We are proud to carry Batesville caskets—and we invite you to click on their image to learn more.


When it comes to durability in burial and cremation products, Wilbert Burial Vaults stand alone in their industry. Their time-tested products provide unmatched reliability, and Iowa Funeral Planning is proud to partner with them. Select their image to explore Wilbert’s history and catalogue.


Iowa Memorial Granite Company has been serving the Cedar Valley and western Illinois for over seventy years. Their quality, unique granite memorials provide excellent options for honoring the memory of your loved one. Browse their inventory by clicking below.