At Iowa Funeral Planning, we know that everyone has to eventually plan a funeral—the question is whether you do so in a way that reduces costs, removes stress, and tells your loved ones exactly what you wanted. With our funeral pre-planning services, you can do all of these things, and we encourage the greater Des Moines area to begin this important process today. We’re pre-planning experts and we can help you create a meaningful and affordable funeral service with a process that’s simple, straightforward, and stress-free. Ready to start your funeral pre-planning? Contact us today.

How to Pre-plan Your Funeral


Another important consideration is the price of your funeral. At Iowa Funeral Planning, we understand these concerns and that’s why we’ve developed a series of affordable, flexible payment plans designed to meet any budget when you pre-pay your final expenses! These options include two-year, interest-free payment plans with a 25% down payment (not available with the Cremation Society of Iowa.)  Or if you pay in full you can take advantage of a 10% savings on our service price associated with your contract.  Best of all, the Iowa price guaranteed contract assures you that inflation will be our concern, not yours.  Also, we never charge and additional fee for you to have a guaranteed contract.  Our staff is committed to helping you get the funeral you want for a price that you can afford.


The funeral service should reflect the personality, lifetime, and wishes of the deceased, and should also offer comfort to the survivors. Sometimes, family members disagree over different aspects of the funeral, including whether to hold a viewing or visitation. These types of disagreements can make an already emotional situation more challenging, and therefore we recommend the deceased and his or her family consulting about the funeral before death. This conversation allows both purposes of the funeral service to be fulfilled and makes the post-death funeral planning process easier for your loved ones.


To ensure that your funeral follows your wishes, it is vital that you document these specifications. Under Iowa state law, your funeral plan must be recorded with the Iowa Regulated Industry, and we will create copies of your guaranteed Iowa contract for you and your family. Iowa Funeral Planning will retain all documents, which are available for your review, and will help the deceased document his or her wishes and assist survivors in writing the obituary and collecting vital statistics. To simplify this process, we recommend our personal planning guide, which can be completed at your leisure and later provided to us.

The Benefits of Pre-planning

Pre-planning your funeral also has many benefits, particularly the ability to enjoy cost savings on your service and provide a more straightforward plan for your loved ones to follow after you’re gone. With some preparation, you ensure that when you depart, your loved ones have the advantage of an affordable funeral that you intended.

When you pre-plan your funeral, you can experience significant financial benefits, beginning with a State of Iowa-approved guaranteed contract that locks in the price of your funeral services and merchandise. With this contract, if the prices of those items rise, the funeral home will bear the difference, and best of all, there is no additional fee to guarantee your contract price (unlike at other funeral homes). We also offer the security of a guaranteed contract with other payment plans, so clients who pay 25% down (not available with the Cremation Society of Iowa) can make interest-free payments for a year and those with the contract can utilize our other promotions.

Funeral planning is also much simpler with a plan for your loved ones to follow. Pre-planning your funeral ensures your final wishes are known and can be respected by your survivors after your death, and it often helps avoid confusion and questions about your intent and the appropriateness of various funeral service options. This frees your loved ones up to spend time grieving after your passing, rather than attempting to plan a funeral service from the beginning. You also provide a tremendous relief to your survivors when they know your service has been prepaid.