Your life, the memories you make with others, and the impression you leave on the world are unique. The funeral homes of Iowa Funeral Planning, located in Clive and Des Moines, Iowa, understand the importance of selecting a type of funeral service that properly reflects your life as well as your last wishes while also providing comfort to those grieving around you. Our entire funeral planning staff is committed to providing you with information on all potential funeral service options, beginning with our base traditional burial and cremation services. We also offer affordable payment options and Iowa price guaranteed contracts, so you can protect your investment at a price that you can afford. Find out more about our funeral service options and payment plans below, see what our pre-planning services have to offer, or contact us for a free, confidential, and no-obligation consultation.


For those people who prefer a non-burial option, cremations can help reduce some burial-related expenses while allowing family members to retain a decedent’s remains in portable format. Cremation services can also be designed to fit the pre-stated desires of the deceased and his or her loved ones, allowing the addition of visitations, gatherings, and services for a personalized, meaningful memorial. Iowa Funeral Planning funeral homes offer a variety of cremation service options, which are listed below.

Pre-cremation public or private visitations can be included with your cremation service, allowing family and friends an opportunity to say goodbye. This service option also allows members of the public to pay their respects and share memories of the deceased.

A popular option for those clients selecting cremation is a post-cremation memorial gathering. This is an opportunity for survivors to remember the deceased, helping to provide closure and healing.

Some families also choose to hold memorial services at their place of worship or our facility. This option allows those grieving to recognize the role of faith in the life of the deceased.

Burial Services

The burial service is an event that is personal to the mourners, including the survivors of the deceased. To recognize the unique nature of this service and the individual needs of each family, Iowa Funeral Planning offers two quality burial service options, traditional burials and simple burials. These service types allow families to select the burial that best meets their desires, needs, and budget while ensuring that their loved ones receive a beautiful memorial.

Traditional Burials

Traditional burials, or traditional services, begin the evening prior to the ceremony with a visitation, in which family and friends pay their respects to the deceased. The visitation can be customized based on the family’s expectations, and the casket is generally open during this time, allowing survivors and members of the public to pay their respects and provide emotional support to the mourners. During this time, photos and other memorabilia of the deceased are often shared. The funeral service is typically held the next day at the funeral home facility or house of worship. The deceased will be present in casket at the service, which often includes a religious ceremony. After the service, the burial takes place at the cemetery, where a committal ceremony and a final laying to rest occur.

Graveside Burials

Graveside burials, or direct burials, involve no visitation or funeral ceremony. Instead, at these events, no viewing of the deceased occurs, and perhaps only a short graveside service will occur (based on the wishes of the family and deceased). The graveside burial option also entails no embalming, and removes some of the expenses and choices required with a traditional burial. This simplicity and cost reduction is appealing to individuals who are seeking a brief, dignified memorial.

Pre -Planning Payment Options

When you purchase a service as important as your funeral, you want to know that the amount you paid will hold its value, that you received a fair price, and that your payment plan is affordable. With our state of Iowa Price Guaranteed contract, you can be confident knowing that you’ve selected the funeral you want at today’s prices, taking the stress and worry out of funeral planning by your survivors after you’re gone. We also allow you to choose different payment plans and still retain the benefit of your guaranteed contract, and we don’t charge extra to guarantee a contract!

We are proud to offer a price match guarantee, so you can be sure that you are getting the best price in the Des Moines area for the same services and merchandise that you are purchasing at Iowa Funeral Planning funeral homes. We will adjust our prices to match our competitors—and still provide you with superior service.

We want to make funeral planning affordable, and that’s why we feature several payment plans that are designed to fit your budget. With a pre-planning contract if you pay 25% down, you can select a one-year, interest-free contract for the remainder (this option is not available with the Cremation Society of Iowa). We also offer longer payment plans (subject to applicable finance charges). Another option is to pay for different portions of your contract over time. For instance, this can allow you to obtain a price guarantee and no-interest, affordable monthly payments for a casket and burial vault and then later purchase other burial services and products.

Find out more about our affordable payment plans with your free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.