When it comes to the cemetery you select, Iowa Funeral Planning believes in convenience, comprehensiveness, and caring. We have two signature cemeteries serving the Des Moines area, which are conveniently located at two of our premier funeral homes, making travel to the cemetery simple and direct. This allows us to offer the area’s most options for final resting places, including cemetery burials for caskets and urns, outdoor columbarium niches for cremated remains, and more. And because compassion drives everything we do, we also proudly do not charge a family extra for a Saturday internment and offer lower pricing for families who also use us as their funeral home for internment.

Keep reading to learn more about our two Des Moines-area cemeteries, or click to explore our pre-planning services or contact us for a free, confidential, and no-obligation consultation.

Chapel Hill Gardens

As one of Des Moines’ most beautiful funeral homes, Chapel Hill Gardens is also the home to Merle Hay Funeral Home. We offer extensive options for your final resting place, including:

  • Cemetery burial for caskets and urns
  • Outdoor columbarium niches for cremated remains
  • Indoor glass front niches for cremated remains
  • A garden designated for upright markers

Chapel Hill Gardens provides the serene comfort of a memorial park while also offering a garden that allows for an upright granite memorial.

Sunset Memorial Gardens

Sunset Memorial Gardens, a south side of Des Moines tradition, is home to Brooks South Town Chapel. We have been serving the south side for over 50 years with unique pricing and wonderful burial and cremation spaces to honor your loved one:

  • Special pre-construction pricing on our new outdoor cremation columbarium
  • We offer burial spaces for both casket and urns
  • Special pricing on our outdoor mausoleum spaces

In our memorial garden, all of the available spaces are the same cost to you, and we always have a special savings for anyone who is purchasing spaces ahead of time on a pre-planning contract.