Arittia Schultz


Date: Thu, June 1, 2017
Start time: 11:00 am
Brooks Funeral Care
7975 University Blvd., Clive, Iowa
Arrangements By:
The Cremation Society of Iowa


Arittia Schultz

It’s with deep sorrow we announce the peaceful passing of Arittia Schultz on May 28, 2017. Our hearts are in mourning, but comfort is found in her peace. It goes without saying Arittia was a woman of great strength. The love she was able to share with so many in her time on earth, comforts us now.

Calvin , (father) Rose Pruitt (mother). Jack Schultz, (husband). Jackie Schultz (son). Mary, Maggie, Evelyn and JR(siblings) ; all proceed her in death.

Bob, Donald, Cecelia, Hazel, Harry, (children). Pat, Fran, Glenn, (siblings). Johanna, Ingrid, Cecelia, Rose, Alexa, Alanna, (grandchildren). Soriah, Ela, (great grandchildren). All family and friends succeed her in death.

Grandma was a giver, and caretaker. She was the truest form of a mother. She gave herself to so many, but all of herself to her family. Her time was spent making memories with those she leaves behind. She loved wrestling (WWE). She enjoyed her coffee black with only ice cubes. She loved Facebook and “all the pictures you send me”, she would say. She loved a good buffet dinner surrounded by family sharing laughs. She would text, call or take late night talks with any of her kids at anytime. Visits with Cecelia, Hazel, Bob, Harry, just simply sharing her time and love. She loved Netflix. She kept many photos over the years preserving moments in time with her family. Arittia and her son Donald would share fresh cut watermelon on a hot summer day. She was the greatest grandmother. She loved being surrounded by her grand babies and great grand babies. She was one who enjoyed reading to sweet grand baby Soriah. She made her journey to the hospital despite all her struggles to welcome in her great granddaughter “miracle” Ela. She enjoyed watching ghost hunters with Alexa cuddled on the couch. She made trips to Walmart with Cece where laughs ensued. She was always surrounded by family. That was Arittia. She gave us love and memories, which we hold so incredibly dear to us. She is making her journey back to her oldest son Jackie, who she has been waiting to see again since he was 12.

A funeral is scheduled for June 1,2017 at Brooks Funeral Home, 7975 University, Clive Iowa. All are welcome to attend and celebrate Arittia’s life. Condolences can be sent to . The family would like to thank Taylor house hospice, helping her go in peace and love.

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