Burial & Cremation Society of Iowa

Planning the funeral of a loved one is a complex task to deal with. We all come from a variety of different backgrounds financially, religiously, and culturally. This in turn makes the process of choosing an affordable funeral or cremation service different for everyone. At Iowa Funeral Planning, we aim to provide a cost effective way of carrying out a funeral service for those looking to save money on funeral…

Becoming a Designee for Final Disposition

If you are the primary caretaker for a loved one, we strongly advise that you sign a Declaration of Designee for Final Disposition. It’s important to know that the authority of power of attorney ends when your loved one passes away. This can affect whether you will be able to decide to carry out the funeral plans or not depending on your relation to the loved one you are caretaking.…

How to Choose a Funeral Home

Planning a funeral is a difficult time for families. To ease some of the stress, we recommend comparing funeral homes before the immediate need for funeral services. If at all possible, consider pre-planning a funeral to help make the process go smoothly by making your wishes known and alleviating some of the financial burden for family members. We understand that funeral pre-planning or even comparing funeral homes ahead of time…

Healthy Ways to Mourn the Loss of a Loved One

Losing a loved one is always a difficult time to overcome. At Iowa Funeral Planning, we believe there are many, healthy ways to mourn the loss of a loved one in your life. If you do lose a loved one, call our supportive staff at Iowa Funeral Planning for help with planning any funeral, burial, or cremation services. Find a Support System There are many ways to gain support after…

What Should I Do After the Funeral?

Obtain Copies of the Death Certificate Your Iowa Funeral Planning funeral director will file the necessary information for the death certificate, and as soon as it is signed by the deceased’s doctor and funeral director it will be available for you. A copy of the death certificate will be required for a number of legal and financial forms. Send thank you notes for those who sent flowers and memorial contributions…

Four Steps for Funeral Pre-planning in Des Moines

Planning your your own funeral can be a difficult task. That’s why Iowa Funeral Planning is here to help. We know that your thoughtfulness in preparing a funeral plan for your survivors not only helps them financially, it also gives them a plan to follow. It makes a difficult time a little easier, and allows them to spend their time after death has occurred with their loved ones, instead of…

What You Should Know When Selecting a Headstone

If you have decided in your funeral planning process that you are going with either a burial or cremation option and need to pick out a headstone or grave marker, Iowa Funeral Planning has a variety of options to choose from. While we know it can be an overwhelming process to go through during your time of need, we have trained and compassionate funeral planning counselors on staff to help…

Burial and Cremation: Final Disposition For Your Loved Ones

People often, mistakenly, assume their only two options for services are “burial” or “cremation”. Many are surprised to learn that these are not actually service options but, rather they are forms of final disposition. Having a “traditional” service and “cremation” are, in fact, not mutually exclusive. In fact, there is a growing trend towards having traditional services with the body present in a casket for a visitation and/or funeral service…
24 Hour Immediate Service

Our main goal at Iowa Funeral Planning is to provide our customers with assistance and options when it comes to planning a funeral. We know how overwhelming this process can be, and we are here to help get you through it. Our counselors are trained, compassionate professionals and will work with you, your wishes and your budget to plan funeral services to best fit your situation. All of our initial consultations are free of charge and completely confidential. There is no obligation to purchase anything when you use this site or contact us with questions. In the case of imminent death of a loved one, Iowa Funeral Planning offers 24 hour immediate assistance to help you make decisions regarding funeral arrangements as easy as possible. Call us today at 888.682.7002 for a free and confidential consultation with no obligation.

Tips for Ordering Flowers
Helpful hints on purchasing flowers from HyVee online:
  • If there is a visitation in the evening have the flowers delivered to the visitation location the morning of.
  • If the service is all in one day or a memorial service have the flowers delivered 2 hours prior and delivered to the location of the service.
  • You can find the required addresses on our website obituary page.
  • If you wish to direct the floral gift to a specific family member you can use the note section located on the HyVee online order form.