The Cremation Society of Iowa is the oldest continuously operating cremation society in Iowa. We are committed to serving central and northeast Iowa families with affordable cremation services, and we specialize in assisting families who desire simple cremation options for their end of life plans and we do so in a dignified and cost-effective manner. To help you achieve this goal, we work closely with Iowa Funeral Planning, our partner in the greater Des Moines area, and partners such as Parrott & Wood Chapel of Memories Funeral Home and Crematory, which is based in Waterloo, and Overton Funeral Homes, which serves the Dysart and Traer areas. To determine if their services are available in your area, please visit our service area map, or click to learn more about available cremation services packages.

Simple Cremation

Simple cremation services include taking the deceased from their place of death into the care of your funeral home, the cremation process, and filing required state and federal documents. Click here to learn more.

Other Required Costs

Every cremation in Iowa requires a $75 permit from the county medical examiner. Other required costs may be incurred and are determined by the condition or location of the deceased. An example would be removing a pacemaker prior to cremation. Contact your funeral director, pre-need counselor, or us for more information.

Other Optional Costs

The Cremation Society of Iowa offers services beyond the simple cremation that can be utilized by families. Examples of these services include assistance with submitting newspaper obituaries, planning a memorial service, providing printed materials, or preparing the remains for a final viewing prior to cremation. Your funeral director or pre-needs counselor can explain these services in more detail, or click here to view pricing.