Four Steps for Funeral Pre-planning in Des Moines

Planning your your own funeral can be a difficult task. That’s why Iowa Funeral Planning is here to help. We know that your thoughtfulness in preparing a funeral plan for your survivors not only helps them financially, it also gives them a plan to follow. It makes a difficult time a little easier, and allows them to spend their time after death has occurred with their loved ones, instead of at the funeral home trying to organize all the funeral details. Iowa Funeral Planning provides funeral pre-planning and funeral planning services to the Des Moines, Cedar Falls, and Waterloo area. Call us today!

Talk with Family Members about Funeral Services

Discuss funeral arrangements with your loved ones, and decide on the funeral services that best suit your wants and needs. Pre-planning funeral expenses will save your loved ones from emotional stress and financial worry. After you have a pre-planned discussion with your family, find a funeral director that can help you lay out all your funeral service options and then finalize them with a written document or record.

Find an Iowa Funeral Director

There are many options when it comes to types of funeral services. Receiving guidance from a funeral director can help you navigate the many different options. The funeral director will discuss everything including specific types of funeral services, flower arrangements, funeral speakers and much more. Iowa Funeral Planning offers resources, advice and counseling so you can customize your final wishes.

Document Funeral Plans

To be sure all your personalized funeral services are carried through as planned, record and document your funeral plans so your family can reference them.  Your funeral records and documents will also enable you to update the arrangements at any time. Be sure to keep your records and documents in a secure location such as a fireproof safe or a security deposit box at a bank. Iowa Funeral Planning will also keep all records confidential and secure if you choose to keep your records with us.

Set Up a Prepaid Funeral Plan

Funeral services will increase in price overtime. When you prefund your funeral expenses, you pay less than what you would pay if you waited to pay in the future. Expenses you can prepare for include funeral arrangements (florist, transportation, clergy) and cemetery and memorialization services.

Iowa Funeral Planning offers prepayment plans to ensure you can comfortably afford your funeral expenses, stress free. We are able to offer the State of Iowa Price Guaranteed contract, which allows you to make a 25 percent down payment and pay the remainder over two years interest free. There are many more benefits to the Iowa Price Guaranteed contract. Check out our funeral pre-planning payment options.

Pre-need Funeral Planning Checklist

A lot of elements go into funeral planning. It can be a stressful process emotionally and financially. Here is a small checklist of items to consider that will help make planning a funeral a little easier:

  • Type of service: religious, non-denominational, military, fraternal
  • Contact list of individuals to be notified
  • Funeral home
  • Cremation options
  • Music and reading selections
  • Open or closed casket
  • Flower arrangements
  • Obituary
  • Visitation or wake options
  • Names of pallbearers
  • Location of cemetery or property
  • Memorial contributions

To help eliminate stress, contact Iowa Funeral Planning and we will help you plan all of your funeral arrangements. Our funeral directors work closely with you to ensure your funeral arrangements are personalized to your wants and needs.

In case of an emergency, Iowa Funeral Planning offers 24 hour immediate assistance to help you make decisions regarding funeral arrangements. All initial consultations are free of charge and always confidential. Iowa Funeral Planning provides funeral planning services in Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Tama County and the Greater Des Moines Metro Area.



24 Hour Immediate Service

Our main goal at Iowa Funeral Planning is to provide our customers with assistance and options when it comes to planning a funeral. We know how overwhelming this process can be, and we are here to help get you through it. Our counselors are trained, compassionate professionals and will work with you, your wishes and your budget to plan funeral services to best fit your situation. All of our initial consultations are free of charge and completely confidential. There is no obligation to purchase anything when you use this site or contact us with questions. In the case of imminent death of a loved one, Iowa Funeral Planning offers 24 hour immediate assistance to help you make decisions regarding funeral arrangements as easy as possible. Call us today at 888.682.7002 for a free and confidential consultation with no obligation.

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