Burial and Cremation: Final Disposition For Your Loved Ones

People often, mistakenly, assume their only two options for services are “burial” or “cremation”.

Many are surprised to learn that these are not actually service options but, rather they are forms of final disposition. Having a “traditional” service and “cremation” are, in fact, not mutually exclusive. In fact, there is a growing trend towards having traditional services with the body present in a casket for a visitation and/or funeral service followed by cremation. This allows friends and family to fully experience the opportunity to pay final respects and celebrate their loved one’s life together and, in many cases, gain financial benefits.

Also, you may request earthen burial of the body, and conduct your services without the body present.  Below are examples to help you plan.

When planning services the place to begin is by determining the “type of service”:

  • Do you want the body of your loved one present in an open Casket at Visitation and/or services?
    • If so, embalming will be required.
      • You will need to purchase a casket if you plan to follow services with burial; OR
      • You may elect to use a rental casket or a cremation casket for services if you plan to follow with cremation which will lower your merchandise and burial expenses.
  • Do you want the body of your loved one present in a closed casket at visitation and/or services?
    • You may choose to have embalming performed to temporarily preserve the body of your loved one; HOWEVER
    • Embalming will not be required if burial takes place within 48 hours and you purchase a sealing casket.
  • Do you want a visitation and/or services without having the body of your loved one present?
    • This is termed a Memorial Gathering or a Memorial Service.
    • You may elect to have burial;
      • The deceased is laid to rest prior to the Memorial Services.
      • Embalming can be performed but is not necessary.
      • Casket and outer burial container will be needed.
    • You may elect to cremate;
      • The cremation occurs prior to the Memorial Services.
      • and no casket will be required, and you may wish to select an urn.

Once you have made these decisions it is a matter of connecting the points and determining where and when you want to have services along with the other details that make each service as unique as the person being honored.  More helpful information can be found at MeaningfulFunerals.com.   Also feel free to Contact us with any questions you may have.

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